Video Embeds, Ad Editing, Remember Me

Here are our new features for the first half of March:

Video Embed
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth a thousand pictures. A multimedia presentation can be that oomph you need to better market your product or service. With that in mind, we now have a youtube video embed feature in our ad posting. You need only fill in the blank of the youtube url text box (particularly the value after “v=”), and our site does the rest. Your video is shown on the full ad details page (the direct link to ad)

Editing Ads
It’s long been an observation of ours that users do not seem to edit their ads. Instead of correcting a posted ad, they opt to just post another new ad with the corrections. We surmise that it is because you do not find the process of editing the ads convenient. This is why we are now placing an “Edit this Ad” link inside each ad box that belongs to you.

Remember Me
This feature is long overdue, and basically gives you the convenience of staying logged in to our site as long as you do not log out.

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Paris Hilton : Thats Hot Your Not

Paris Hilton’s “thats hot shirt” has made waves in the fashion industry. Suddenly, everyone’s selling their own version of her shirt and people are devouring the shirts as fast as they’re being dished out!

Is it just me or is the shirt a little… grammatically challenged (and I’m not talking about the apostrophe)? Am I missing something or is this the trend nowadays?


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Some New Changes with ClassifiedsPH

We’ve been hard at work this year to improve on ClassifiedsPH, and thus far, here are some things we’ve added to the site:

1. Search within title only

This is a handy tool that allows users to search for a classified ad more specifically – by searching for a particular ad based only on the title.

2. Character Count

This conveniently allows you to see how many characters left are allowed for your classified ad text. If you go over the limit, the extra text is cut off automatically for you.

3. Direct link to your Classified Ad

Want to place a link to your ad from your blog, multiply, friendster, myspace, facebook, etc? This is now a cinch. Just post your ad, go to the main page of the site, locate your ad and look at its details, and you’ll see a “Direct Link to Ad” label and a text input box below which you can copy and paste onto any other website.

Direct Link to Ad

These are our changes and additions so far. Stay tuned for even more improvements.

Meanwhile, we’d like to remind you about 2 of our promos:

Valentine’s Promo- 50% off on all premium ads. Ends March 31, 2008.

Multiply Promo- free 3-month banner ad space for the first 10 multiply sellers, provided you link to us with this code:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″></a>

We’d love to hear from you! Just email us at admin [at] or use our inquiry form here.

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The 10 worst downloads of 2007, as told by

I came across this article in

and it promised to be a funny read so I clicked and read on.

Probably the funniest among the 10 worst downloads, after the Federline toolbar (which needs no explanation as to why it is a funny and useless download) is the DigitWiz. What does this “amazing” tool do, you ask? Well, are you familiar with those alphanumeric numbers? Like 8-MCDO? This nifty tool allows you to type in8-MCDO, and the tool magically gives you the numerical conversion of MCDO. And that’s pretty much it! It would be pretty useful if our phones didn’t put the letter conversion for each key. :P

Read the whole article to amuse yourself. =)

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Using the Search Functionality

An important tip for both buyers and sellers is to use our search functionality to look for previously posted ads. You might just find a potential customer or supplier. Using the search functionality is very easy. Just type in the keywords you wish to look for inside the search box provided.

You can also search within a particular category or subcategory. To do so, just click on the category/subcategory you wish to perform the search on, type in the keywords, and press the Search button. The pertinent results will then be displayed.

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ClassifiedsPH Tip: Protecting yourself from scams

Here at ClassifiedsPH, we regularly try to keep away scam posts, but as an individual, you can also follow these steps to protect yourself:

1. Meetups are always more preferable
2. The email address on the ad says a lot about the legitimacy of an ad.
3. Ads from foreigners can be potential scams – To determine if the ad is a scam, you can copy the posted email or a portion of the ad and search for it in google. If it’s a scam, chances are google will return results of links pertaining to people complaining about that ad
4. Do not send money for work at home directories or start-up kits or contact lists. Legitimate employers don’t charge to hire you or to get you started.
5. Get details from your employers and learn more about the job before committing to anything. shows a useful tutorial on the subject. You can view it below.

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Christmas, Bazaars, and ClassifiedsPH

This Christmas season, everyone’s getting into the holiday spirit, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit. With bazaars left and right, from Makati to Alabang, how can one keep up with all the bazaar schedules both as a customer and as an entrepreneur? And most importantly, as the bazaar organizer, how does one tap into the potential market?

An easy tip will be to post a bulletin in our free philippine classifieds site, You get to tell a good number of Filipinos about your event with just a few clicks. And best of all, it’s free.

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How to Retire Early

Here’s some good news. You can, in fact, retire early by saving and investing wisely.

Case in point: The Furbeck Family. A father (Frank) working as a Systems analyst. His fiance (Trudi) working as an office coordinator. $119,000 combined yearly salary. 2 sons. $1,470 monthly expense + $1,200 real estate property tax.

How do they do it?

Frank places $15,500 a year into a savings plan, while Trudi places around $18K. Aside from their savings plan, they also place some of their money in the money market, in a retirement account, and in mutual funds. They also save for their two sons, who now have around 529 plans.

The key is living comfortably, but not extravagantly. They do carpool to save on gas, use coupons, and raise cattle for additional income. Aside from that, Frank saves a percentage of the sons’ allowances.

As a result, they have managed not to carry any debt and can comfortably retire when they reach their 50’s, after they have earned eligibility to get their pension. Their sons’ education will be well provided for as well.

According to a Certified Financial Planner Ric Martin, “Frank and Trudi are well on their way to millionaire status… Frank can retire at age 53 ½ and Trudi can retire at 53. Both of them will have accumulated $1,910,378 of investment assets by Frank’s age goal of 60.”

To view the complete article, go to:

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Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola City

Have you watched the latest advertisement Coca Cola ad on TV? It’s Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola city. Just when you think that the advertising industry was getting boring, they give you this.

Grand Theft Auto players will especially love this:

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Singapore Airlines’ A380

SuiteDo you dread long flights as much as the other person? Singapore Airlines just recently launched their superjumbo A380 which boasts of more space for their passengers. There are 12 Singapore Airlines Suites, 60 business class seats and 399 economy class seats. The suites are enclosed by sliding doors, and have leather seats and a 58cm flat screen, and a foldable bed.

business_seat_2.jpgBusiness class seats have wide beds,  wide aisle space, and mood lighting.

economy_seat_2.jpgEconomy seats have more leg room, USB port and plug for charging, and separate screens for video on demand (not so new, since KLM has that for some of their aircraft already, as far as I know).

Some of the seats of the first flight for this momentous launch were sold for as much as $100,000+.

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