How to Retire Early

Here’s some good news. You can, in fact, retire early by saving and investing wisely.
Case in point: The Furbeck Family. A father (Frank) working as a Systems analyst. His fiance (Trudi) working as an office coordinator. $119,000 combined yearly salary. 2 sons. $1,470 monthly expense + $1,200 real estate property tax.
How do they do it?
Frank [...]

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Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola City

Have you watched the latest advertisement Coca Cola ad on TV? It’s Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola city. Just when you think that the advertising industry was getting boring, they give you this.
Grand Theft Auto players will especially love this:

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Singapore Airlines’ A380

Do you dread long flights as much as the other person? Singapore Airlines just recently launched their superjumbo A380 which boasts of more space for their passengers. There are 12 Singapore Airlines Suites, 60 business class seats and 399 economy class seats. The suites are enclosed by sliding doors, and have leather seats and a [...]

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Hello world!

My first post for the blog! The title brings me back to fond memories of College life as a Computer Science major student, where my teachers had us create our very first program – which basically just printed out Hello World. As a total newbie to the whole field, I was already quite amazed. Later [...]

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