Preparing your Facebook Page for Timeline + Choosing the Right Cover Photo

It’s been over 3 months since Facebook announced that all pages will get the Timeline makeover. Have you actually checked how your page looks like on Timeline? Many page owners might have overlooked the fact that one thing has to be fixed in this layout and that is:
The profile picture
This is the utmost important thing [...]

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Steve Jobs resigns from Apple

Steve Jobs announced his resignation just 2 days ago as CEO of Apple but will still be the chairman. Despite speculations about the stocks of Apple going down, it’s interesting to note that it remained pretty strong, which is a big indication that people really are that loyal to the company Meanwhile, a [...]

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Tweets = Newsworthy?

Isn’t it crazy how tweets have now become newsworthy? Today, the Yahoo News headline features Jim Carrey tweeting about his support for Tiger Woods in the recent scandal. While tweets from famous people might be considered interesting enough, there are times that even tweets from ordinary users are featured.During the Academy Awards, for example, the [...]

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Facebook gets another Revamp

The Facebook layout has gotten a slight revamp again, and while the new changes aren’t that big, they’re pertty significant. I particularly like the fact that the applications list was moved to the let side, with an easy link to the full list of applications, removing the bottom bar that annoyed me before. Aside from [...]

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Do you Friendster?

If I had asked this a few years ago, you would have looked incredulously at me with one eyebrow raised and said without deliberation, “Of Course”.  Now, however, you’d probably think about it for a bit, and say “Oh I check my Friendster once in a blue moon”. The reason? Facebook.
Facebook has successfully almost eradicated [...]

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Filipinos love Multiply

Philippine online shopping as we know today could not have been possible without Multiply. Thousands of Filipinos post photos of tops, jewelries, car parts, health products, etc. daily, and these posts reach hundreds of Filipino multiply users. It doesn’t come as a shock, therefore, that 39% of Multiply traffic comes from the Philippines. Of the [...]

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Cool Secret Google Search Functions

Google has tons of secret search functions that make your life easier. Here are some that you’ll probably use on a daily basis:
1. The Super converter
Whether you’re converting pounds to pesos, meters to inches, bits to gigabytes, all you need to do is head on over to then type the following in the search [...]

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5 things a computer user must own/know for security

There are 2 (arguably) major technological innovations that we use most often to help make our lives easier – the USB and the Internet. Remember when we had to make do with diskettes or burning CDs to transfer files from one computer to another? Remember how slowly file transfer was then? The USB and the [...]

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The 10 worst downloads of 2007, as told by

I came across this article in
and it promised to be a funny read so I clicked and read on.
Probably the funniest among the 10 worst downloads, after the Federline toolbar (which needs no explanation as to why it is a funny and useless download) is the DigitWiz. What does this “amazing” tool do, you [...]

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