342nd Makati Day Schedule of Activities for May and June

The 342nd Makati Day kicked off the first week of May, 2012 with a Flores de Mayo celebration. A parade of people bedecked in beautiful traditional Filipino costumes represented the city’s government offices, as well as commercial businesses, particularly the prominent 5 star luxury Makati hotels, including Hotel Intercontinental, Mandarin Oriental, Manila Peninsula, Makati Shangri-La [...]

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Tablet Gadget Craze hits the Philippines

There is a slew of gadgets coming out in the market, so much so that it’s really getting quite hard to keep up. In particular, it seems as though the tablet is becoming the current trend.
We have the Apple iPad2, which sold out immediately after being released into Philippine shelves, much like all the other [...]

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Do you Friendster?

If I had asked this a few years ago, you would have looked incredulously at me with one eyebrow raised and said without deliberation, “Of Course”.  Now, however, you’d probably think about it for a bit, and say “Oh I check my Friendster once in a blue moon”. The reason? Facebook.
Facebook has successfully almost eradicated [...]

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Bye bye P347,836903.20 :(

Yep you’re reading this right! The biggest pot in all of Philippine Lotto history has been taken by two people. One claims that she chose a passing car’s plate number to complete her combination. She’s now P173 million richer than she was last week and plans to spend this money on a house and lot [...]

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Globe’s TAWAD NA is back!

And just in time for the holidays, too! Prizes are probably going to be the same as the first TAWAD NA promo, since today’s prize is a Compaq Presario (sounds familiar, fellow Tawad na veterans?). As for the mechanics, a few things have changed. For one thing, bidding for one prize lasts for one whole [...]

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Mall Carpark Wars (G4, The Link, and last but definitely not the least – MOA)

Have you been parking in malls lately? Have you noticed the different high-tech gadgets they’ve been putting in? G4 Makati parking lots have the parking counter for every floor and the Link parking lot (the one near Anson Makati) has that camera that takes a picture of your plate number. Both are very useful, but [...]

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Manila to Osaka just got cheaper!

It really is time to fly with Cebu Pacific’s Manila to Osaka promo! It’s P1,999/flight but after all the taxes, you’ll end up spending around P15,000 for a round-trip flight. Still pretty cheap considering you’re going to JAPAN <drools>!
Of course, don’t forget to consider your food and lodging expenses and some extra moolah to buy [...]

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Ask PLDT, anyone?

Just recently, PLDT launched this novel concept called “Ask PLDT”, where users can call and ask anything from the latest showbiz scoop to a good recipe for the day just by dialing 101-811. When I got hold of the flyer, the first thing that popped in my head is “Ask Jeeves Telephone Version”. Which got [...]

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Filipinos love Multiply

Philippine online shopping as we know today could not have been possible without Multiply. Thousands of Filipinos post photos of tops, jewelries, car parts, health products, etc. daily, and these posts reach hundreds of Filipino multiply users. It doesn’t come as a shock, therefore, that 39% of Multiply traffic comes from the Philippines. Of the [...]

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Desperate Housewives’ derogatory Remark on Filipinos

This just in. In an episode of “Desperate Housewives“, Teri Hatcher’s character (Susan) is at a hospital, being told by her gynecologist that she might be hitting menopause. Susan replies, “Can I just check those diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some med school in the Philippines.” If [...]

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