Preparing your Facebook Page for Timeline + Choosing the Right Cover Photo

It’s been over 3 months since Facebook announced that all pages will get the Timeline makeover. Have you actually checked how your page looks like on Timeline? Many page owners might have overlooked the fact that one thing has to be fixed in this layout and that is:

The profile picture
This is the utmost important thing to fix. The old layout needed a smaller profile picture so it’s very possible that at the current layout, your profile pic looks very blurry or pixelated. Page profile pictures are displayed at 160×160 pixels BUT here’s the catch: the photo you upload must be at least 180×180 pixels. Make sure you upload a square image; otherwise, something will be cropped.

There is also the cover photo to consider. This is a new feature for the timeline layout. It’s a 851 pixel width X 315 pixel height image. Ideally, you should upload the exact dimensions to avoid stretching, which results in pixelated images.

The cover photo is a tricky thing to choose. Aesthetically speaking, it’s good to have this on your page. Also, it’s a great way to supplement the viewers’ idea of what kind of page you are and what kind of business you represent. There are some guidelines which Facebook provides for cover photos though. It should NOT contain price info, or anything that pertains to actions regarding purchases as well as actions that encourage people to share, visit your page, etc. And here’s another pretty heavy rule: it should NOT contain contact information.

I’m sure all of you have seen several pages disobeying these rules, but it doesn’t hurt to follow them and avoid getting banned and even losing full access to your page (might be a paranoid theory).

Some pages have decided to use the cover photo to hype up products and announce promos. The best picture, for me, is something that you’d choose to place in a magazine feature about your business. Most likely it’s something you paid a professional photographer to come up with. Of course, if you’re a small-time business (or a personal blog), a photo like that is not readily available. My advice in this instance? If you’ve been racking your brains thinking of a good cover photo and you’ve still come up with zilch, you might want to consider skipping it… for now.

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