Tweets = Newsworthy?

Isn’t it crazy how tweets have now become newsworthy? Today, the Yahoo News headline features Jim Carrey tweeting about his support for Tiger Woods in the recent scandal. While tweets from famous people might be considered interesting enough, there are times that even tweets from ordinary users are featured.During the Academy Awards, for example, the announcers mentioned several tweets that were being posted about the event. Tweets were made by ordinary users, and the contents of these tweets were as mundane as they could possibly get.

Of course, there are times when tweets are more than just celebrity news dishes and in these instances, tweets can be quite compelling. When certain tragedies hit, tweets are the best way to find out immediately what is happening in all reaches of the world, complete with pictures. Customer complaints are greatly expressed via Twitter too, once there are enough people tweeting about them.

Because of the ability to tweet whenever and wherever you want, and because of the huge audience who are twittering (including many renowned personalities), Twitter has successfully become a relied upon source for news and updates, and it has now become an empowering tool for everyone to be heard, no matter who you are.

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