Do you Friendster?

If I had asked this a few years ago, you would have looked incredulously at me with one eyebrow raised and said without deliberation, “Of Course”.  Now, however, you’d probably think about it for a bit, and say “Oh I check my Friendster once in a blue moon”. The reason? Facebook.

Facebook has successfully almost eradicated all social networking competition by really providing all you need in one place. Quiz addicts, gamers, twitter-itchy posters, dramatic bloggers, camera hogs, enthusiasts, rabid fans, music lovers, or friend-count conscious people… there’s something for each type of personality at Facebook, so there’s really no point in checking out other sites.

With this in mind, I’d like to find out if this fact, indeed, holds true, even in the Philippines, one of the primary Friendster spots before. Do you still friendster? Yes or no? If yes, how often do you check? Let us know :)

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