Mall Carpark Wars (G4, The Link, and last but definitely not the least – MOA)

Have you been parking in malls lately? Have you noticed the different high-tech gadgets they’ve been putting in? G4 Makati parking lots have the parking counter for every floor and the Link parking lot (the one near Anson Makati) has that camera that takes a picture of your plate number. Both are very useful, but nobody can top Mall of Asia’s latest gadget – the car vacancy sensors!

If you’ve ever parked in a mall carpark, and during peak hours at that, you’ve probably cursed a word or two, scouring through all the lots, and trying to look for an available slot. Sometimes, you encounter those parking oasis slots – it looks like a vacant slot from afar, then when you get near you realize that it’s really not. And the frustrating search continues on.

MOA has almost completely obliterated this problem. Each slot has a light above – red for occupied, green for vacant. So when you just get into that floor, you can immediately rush to the nearest green light you see! The sensor is simple – as long as an object is standing above this detector (sort of looks like a small smoke detector), the light turns red. My friends and I tried standing below these detectors, and the lights turned red.

Now if only every carpark adopted this handy gadget.

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