Globe’s TAWAD NA is back!

And just in time for the holidays, too! Prizes are probably going to be the same as the first TAWAD NA promo, since today’s prize is a Compaq Presario (sounds familiar, fellow Tawad na veterans?). As for the mechanics, a few things have changed. For one thing, bidding for one prize lasts for one whole week – a good idea for Globe since they get more texts for less prizes, and I believe it’s also a good thing for us texters because the playing field is fairer (ie. The winning tawad will probably be on higher values and one person will have a harder time texting all tawad combinations). Apart from that, you get an upgraded prize if you bid X times.

Am I going to join again this time around? You can bet your load, haha! As long as Globe has something juicy to offer as a prize, then I’m probably going to bite. How about you guys?

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