Manila to Osaka just got cheaper!

It really is time to fly with Cebu Pacific’s Manila to Osaka promo! It’s P1,999/flight but after all the taxes, you’ll end up spending around P15,000 for a round-trip flight. Still pretty cheap considering you’re going to JAPAN <drools>!

Of course, don’t forget to consider your food and lodging expenses and some extra moolah to buy yourself some unique trinkets, interesting outfits, a couple of Sanrio’s, and some steals at the 100 yen shop.

capsule hotelFor lodging, you might want to try sleeping at a capsule hotel, which will cost about P1500 a night. Not very cheap for a coffin-sized room! I checked out Yahoo Travel and there are P1500 a night hotel rooms out there too.

You’d probably spend around P1,200 to P3,000 a day for food. Hit the takoyaki stands, the street-side ramen houses, the Izakaya’s, and the convenience stores (instant ramen, anyone?) and you’ll save a lot on grubs. Of course, since you’re already in Japan, I’d suggest you spend a bit on a night at a sushi bar.
Happy travels to everyone who’s planning their trip as I type! I’m certainly green with envy :)

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