Filipinos love Multiply

Philippine online shopping as we know today could not have been possible without Multiply. Thousands of Filipinos post photos of tops, jewelries, car parts, health products, etc. daily, and these posts reach hundreds of Filipino multiply users. It doesn’t come as a shock, therefore, that 39% of Multiply traffic comes from the Philippines. Of the 9 million registered users, a whopping 2.2 million are Filipinos, outnumbering the more largely populated countries like the US.

What made Multiply click, amongst 450 other social networking sites? I can only speculate. Being a Multiply user myself, I believe that the media-centric structure of Multiply makes it the easiest way to organize photos, and we know how much we Filipinos love kodakan. For sellers, the structure is also an easy way to catalog their items.

The budding entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipinos and our camera-hungry culture are probably the two major driving factors that have contributed to the incredible traffic Multiply is enjoying from us.


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