Cool Secret Google Search Functions

Google has tons of secret search functions that make your life easier. Here are some that you’ll probably use on a daily basis:

1. The Super converter

Whether you’re converting pounds to pesos, meters to inches, bits to gigabytes, all you need to do is head on over to then type the following in the search box:


100 pounds = ? PHP (converts 100 pounds to Philippine Pesos)
1 GB = ? bits (converts 1 gigabyte to bits)

2. Universal Clock

Want to know what time it is in the US? In Japan? It’s simple, just type this in the search box of Google:

<COUNTRY> time

Japan time (tells you what time it is in Japan now)
US time (tells you what time it is in some places in the US)

3. Dictionary

Want the definition of something? Type in define: <WORD> in the search box, press “Search”, and voila! Although, in my honest opinion, I would still opt to go to for my definitions.


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