Video Embeds, Ad Editing, Remember Me

Here are our new features for the first half of March:

Video Embed
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is probably worth a thousand pictures. A multimedia presentation can be that oomph you need to better market your product or service. With that in mind, we now have a youtube video embed feature in our ad posting. You need only fill in the blank of the youtube url text box (particularly the value after “v=”), and our site does the rest. Your video is shown on the full ad details page (the direct link to ad)

Editing Ads
It’s long been an observation of ours that users do not seem to edit their ads. Instead of correcting a posted ad, they opt to just post another new ad with the corrections. We surmise that it is because you do not find the process of editing the ads convenient. This is why we are now placing an “Edit this Ad” link inside each ad box that belongs to you.

Remember Me
This feature is long overdue, and basically gives you the convenience of staying logged in to our site as long as you do not log out.

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