Using the Search Functionality

An important tip for both buyers and sellers is to use our search functionality to look for previously posted ads. You might just find a potential customer or supplier. Using the search functionality is very easy. Just type in the keywords you wish to look for inside the search box provided.
You can also search within [...]

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ClassifiedsPH Tip: Protecting yourself from scams

Here at ClassifiedsPH, we regularly try to keep away scam posts, but as an individual, you can also follow these steps to protect yourself:
1. Meetups are always more preferable
2. The email address on the ad says a lot about the legitimacy of an ad.
3. Ads from foreigners can be potential scams – To determine if [...]

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Christmas, Bazaars, and ClassifiedsPH

This Christmas season, everyone’s getting into the holiday spirit, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit. With bazaars left and right, from Makati to Alabang, how can one keep up with all the bazaar schedules both as a customer and as an entrepreneur? And most importantly, as the bazaar organizer, how does one tap into the [...]

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How to Retire Early

Here’s some good news. You can, in fact, retire early by saving and investing wisely.
Case in point: The Furbeck Family. A father (Frank) working as a Systems analyst. His fiance (Trudi) working as an office coordinator. $119,000 combined yearly salary. 2 sons. $1,470 monthly expense + $1,200 real estate property tax.
How do they do it?
Frank [...]

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Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola City

Have you watched the latest advertisement Coca Cola ad on TV? It’s Grand Theft Auto: Happy Coca Cola city. Just when you think that the advertising industry was getting boring, they give you this.
Grand Theft Auto players will especially love this:

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