What’s hot in the Philippine Fashion Accessories Biz

I have observed a sudden boom in the pendant trend in the Philippines lately. You might have noticed it yourself when you walk along the malls or go to a concert and see girls sporting a huge cherry on their shirt, or a swarovski-studded piece. When you look at all the Multiply shopping sites, a lot of them are selling the same thing. Here are some of the top-selling pendants based on my Multiply-hopping:

strawberry.JPG1. fruit pendants – and lots of them. Strawberry pendants claiming to look like KJL’s (the one that Mischa Barton wears), cherry necklaces, some with swarovski studs, some without, some transparent…

puff-heart-red.jpg2. puffy hearts – 3d hearts – metallic colors, primary colors, plastic, glittery ones.

3. owl pendants – again popularized by Mischa Barton, the most common owl piece I see on the net is the one with the swaying legs. I think there are at least 6 sites selling the exact same piece.

4. polymer clay pieces – mostly of food – from shortcakes to sushi. The possibilities are endless! At least in this case, there are more variations to this, because creators can just let their creativity run wild.

5. anything that screams bling – studded stuff. anything with swarovskis to make it twinkle.

What then is the only way to get into the Philippine market? Say you already have the supplier, the marketing strategy, and the look and layout of your page? Personally, I feel that it’s all about online presence. You may be selling the best things out there but if no one has heard of you, then it’s no use.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to open up classifiedsPH. Aside from advertising your site in Multiply, it’s always good to post in Philippine online classifieds sites like classifiedsPH. The benefit is that you tap into non-Multipy users, you increase your presence in search engines, and you allow users to get a bird’s eye view of what you’re selling, especially now that we have launched our image upload functionality.

Furthermore, and more importantly, we’ve made our search functionality useful enough so that people who are looking for a sushi necklace can easily go to the Products category, type in sushi on the search bar and see all sushi-related products being sold. In the near future, we will be improving even further our search functionality to make it even easier for you guys.

In Multiply, searching can be difficult because we have other users (and hundreds of thousands of them may I emphasize, coming from all different parts of the world) who post about other non-business-related things with so many varied content. Search for sushi on Multiply, and you get thousands of pages of multiply users going to a sushi restaurant date with her long-time crush or multiply users talking about their dislike towards raw fish.

Sure, you can try typing in sushi necklace but the results won’t purely about people selling sushi necklace – it can be a blog about a girls’ night out, which involved a sushi dinner and shopping for necklaces after. And, you can be sure that some sites with sushi necklaces won’t show up.

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