I’m not a Plastic Bag… I’m not an Ethical Bag either

notaplasticbag.jpgI’m not a Plastic Bag has hit the Philippines like a storm! Let me correct that: It has hit the whole world like a storm! This creation of anyahindmarch is a canvas shopping bag that was made as a statement against plastic. Tree huggers everywhere love this creation, as well as fashionistas who want to get in on the trend. This isn’t an entirely new fad in other countries, but based on my observations in the Multiply world, this bag is still making its waves here in Manila.

The bag is such a hit that the official site states:

“Due to the unprecedented demand for I’m Not A Plastic Bag in South East Asia and our concerns for our customers safety we will be cancelling the launches at the following stores: Anya Hindmarch Beijing, On Pedder in Shanghai and On Pedder in Jakarta”

plasticbagline.jpgPeople REALLY lined up for this! It sold limited stocks at only £5 and the profits went to an environmental group. However, because of the huge demand, some people were reselling it as high as £225 on EBay! That’s 20,000 pesos people!

There is, however, some controversy shadowing this ethical bag. The bag is actually NOT organic, as the supermarkets claimed it to be, and was made in China, using cheap labor! Not to mention all the resources consumed to have these things shipped all over the world! Kind of hypocrital if you ask me, don’t you think?

My main question and concern is this: Are the people buying this bag really for the fight against plastic or has this become such a fad that people have forgotten the main point? And those who are selling imitation “I’m not a Plastic Bag” bags here in the Philippines -> do you think they were done with the same goal in mind?

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