Globe’s TAWAD NA Promo

Past 8:30 am every day, I receive a text from 2350. The text of temptation.

TAWAD NA! FREE ALERT! May makakabili na ng yesterday’s <insert shiny object here like a MotorolaRAZR or WEGA flat screen TV> for only <insert ridiculously small price ranging from a mere 5 pesos to 30 pesos>!

Bid for a <insert another shiny object> today! Send TAWAD <amt> to 2350. You may send an amount w/ centavos!

And my fingers start to itch. Who wouldn’t get tempted at the prospect of getting a shiny object for that price?! Of course, when you rethink the odds of winning, it’s ridiculous! Just imagine this: 5 minutes after I receive that text promo, I immediately text my amounts, and they’re already taken!

Sadly though, I don’t learn. I get another TAWAD NA update and I text again. Bravo Globe for this very clever text promo. This is certainly going to garner Globe a hefty amount of texts.

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4 Responses to “Globe’s TAWAD NA Promo”

  1. mYrna

    Yes i received this kind of text everyday & of course i get tempted but still i am confusing if this is true. To GLOBE: i’m asking if it’s exist or not this TAWAD NA from 2350? If this is a SCAM or not..

  2. lynnie

    its not a scam its true :D hehe… i have an aunt who won… she bidded from 1-40 pesos for the laptop.. that is like 40 numbers X 100 text per range X 2.50 pesos…. she spent around 10000 bucks plus only for that :D gee what a winner :p

  3. thehopefulwriter

    Wow that’s amazing! I would never have thought someone would actually win. :P no wonder i never win, if there are more than 1 people like your aunt then it’s tough competition! hehe

  4. The Hopeful Writer @ Webmechs » Globe’s TAWAD NA is back!

    [...] just in time for the holidays, too! Prizes are probably going to be the same as the first TAWAD NA promo, since today’s prize is a Compaq Presario (sounds familiar, fellow Tawad na veterans?). [...]

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