Hello world!

My first post for the blog! The title brings me back to fond memories of College life as a Computer Science major student, where my teachers had us create our very first program – which basically just printed out Hello World. As a total newbie to the whole field, I was already quite amazed. Later on, however, I went from amazed to stressed out, when I realized just how complex programming could be, that I had contemplated to even change my major. When I decided to stick it out, I vowed never to program again or work as a programmer.

Here I am now, years after graduation and programming. Funny thing is, I’m happy about it and I thank myself for being too lazy to sign those forms for shifting majors. I’ve gone from amazed to stressed to amazed again. :)

This blog will be a large pot of alphabet soup of words about programming, arts, and the media, which I hope will amuse you somehow :)

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