Preparing your Facebook Page for Timeline + Choosing the Right Cover Photo

It’s been over 3 months since Facebook announced that all pages will get the Timeline makeover. Have you actually checked how your page looks like on Timeline? Many page owners might have overlooked the fact that one thing has to be fixed in this layout and that is:

The profile picture
This is the utmost important thing to fix. The old layout needed a smaller profile picture so it’s very possible that at the current layout, your profile pic looks very blurry or pixelated. Page profile pictures are displayed at 160×160 pixels BUT here’s the catch: the photo you upload must be at least 180×180 pixels. Make sure you upload a square image; otherwise, something will be cropped.

There is also the cover photo to consider. This is a new feature for the timeline layout. It’s a 851 pixel width X 315 pixel height image. Ideally, you should upload the exact dimensions to avoid stretching, which results in pixelated images.

The cover photo is a tricky thing to choose. Aesthetically speaking, it’s good to have this on your page. Also, it’s a great way to supplement the viewers’ idea of what kind of page you are and what kind of business you represent. There are some guidelines which Facebook provides for cover photos though. It should NOT contain price info, or anything that pertains to actions regarding purchases as well as actions that encourage people to share, visit your page, etc. And here’s another pretty heavy rule: it should NOT contain contact information.

I’m sure all of you have seen several pages disobeying these rules, but it doesn’t hurt to follow them and avoid getting banned and even losing full access to your page (might be a paranoid theory).

Some pages have decided to use the cover photo to hype up products and announce promos. The best picture, for me, is something that you’d choose to place in a magazine feature about your business. Most likely it’s something you paid a professional photographer to come up with. Of course, if you’re a small-time business (or a personal blog), a photo like that is not readily available. My advice in this instance? If you’ve been racking your brains thinking of a good cover photo and you’ve still come up with zilch, you might want to consider skipping it… for now.

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342nd Makati Day Schedule of Activities for May and June

The 342nd Makati Day kicked off the first week of May, 2012 with a Flores de Mayo celebration. A parade of people bedecked in beautiful traditional Filipino costumes represented the city’s government offices, as well as commercial businesses, particularly the prominent 5 star luxury Makati hotels, including Hotel Intercontinental, Mandarin Oriental, Manila Peninsula, Makati Shangri-La and Dusit Thani Makati. The highly recognized real estate groups, SM and Rockwell Land Corp. were also there to celebrate this grand event.

Watch out for other activities lined up this May and June!

For free health-related checkups, mark these dates:

Take to the streets at annual Reposo Street Art Festival on May 19-20, 2012, located between Kalayaan Ave and Jupiter street, where visitors can marvel at visual eye candy, murals, arts and crafts books, performers, and a viewing of French films. Or let your hair loose on May 26, 2012 at the Makati Street Party. On the same weekend, come with your family and enjoy the carnival in the Makati Coliseum on May 26 or head to the Makati City Hall Quadrangle on May 27.

Those who are fresh out of college should take advantage of the week-long mini job fair at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle on May 28 to June 1, 2012.

Here’s something interesting for tourists and locals alike: A “Kasalang Bayan” on the 30th of May at the Makati City Hall Quadrangle, which is basically a free “mass wedding”. This will certainly be a big celebration of love and matrimony. To further illustrate the Filipino’s god-fearing attitude, a thanksgiving mass will culminate the whole Makati celebration on June 1, 2012 (also at the quadrangle).

Happy Makati Day/s!

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Steve Jobs resigns from Apple

Steve Jobs announced his resignation just 2 days ago as CEO of Apple but will still be the chairman. Despite speculations about the stocks of Apple going down, it’s interesting to note that it remained pretty strong, which is a big indication that people really are that loyal to the company :P Meanwhile, a lot of people had kind words to say about the man who turned an almost dying company to one of the most beloved brands to date.

In other Apple-related news, the iPad 3 is slated to be launched by 2012, and we can only predict what other goodies Apple will have in store for us, now that Jobs is assuming a less crucial role in the company.

* Halloween is just around the corner; it might be a good idea to pay tribute to the man by wearing the Steve Jobs trademark costume :P

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Tablet Gadget Craze hits the Philippines

There is a slew of gadgets coming out in the market, so much so that it’s really getting quite hard to keep up. In particular, it seems as though the tablet is becoming the current trend.

We have the Apple iPad2, which sold out immediately after being released into Philippine shelves, much like all the other Apple goodies. Then there is the Samsung Galaxy Tab for those who either do not like Apple products (which is very unlikely), or can’t wait for the next replenishment of stocks to get their hands on a tablet.

Most recently, the Asus EEE Slate is arriving at the archipelago anytime soon. The question is whether it is going to enjoy the same craze as the iPad2 and Galaxy or not. How about you – are you going to buy this Asus gadget or not?

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Tweets = Newsworthy?

Isn’t it crazy how tweets have now become newsworthy? Today, the Yahoo News headline features Jim Carrey tweeting about his support for Tiger Woods in the recent scandal. While tweets from famous people might be considered interesting enough, there are times that even tweets from ordinary users are featured.During the Academy Awards, for example, the announcers mentioned several tweets that were being posted about the event. Tweets were made by ordinary users, and the contents of these tweets were as mundane as they could possibly get.

Of course, there are times when tweets are more than just celebrity news dishes and in these instances, tweets can be quite compelling. When certain tragedies hit, tweets are the best way to find out immediately what is happening in all reaches of the world, complete with pictures. Customer complaints are greatly expressed via Twitter too, once there are enough people tweeting about them.

Because of the ability to tweet whenever and wherever you want, and because of the huge audience who are twittering (including many renowned personalities), Twitter has successfully become a relied upon source for news and updates, and it has now become an empowering tool for everyone to be heard, no matter who you are.

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Facebook gets another Revamp

The Facebook layout has gotten a slight revamp again, and while the new changes aren’t that big, they’re pertty significant. I particularly like the fact that the applications list was moved to the let side, with an easy link to the full list of applications, removing the bottom bar that annoyed me before. Aside from that, you can now view the friend requests (and even approve/reject them) and messages with just one click, without having to move to a new page (much like the updates list before).

What do you guys think? Good change? Or no significant change?

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Do you Friendster?

If I had asked this a few years ago, you would have looked incredulously at me with one eyebrow raised and said without deliberation, “Of Course”.  Now, however, you’d probably think about it for a bit, and say “Oh I check my Friendster once in a blue moon”. The reason? Facebook.

Facebook has successfully almost eradicated all social networking competition by really providing all you need in one place. Quiz addicts, gamers, twitter-itchy posters, dramatic bloggers, camera hogs, enthusiasts, rabid fans, music lovers, or friend-count conscious people… there’s something for each type of personality at Facebook, so there’s really no point in checking out other sites.

With this in mind, I’d like to find out if this fact, indeed, holds true, even in the Philippines, one of the primary Friendster spots before. Do you still friendster? Yes or no? If yes, how often do you check? Let us know :)

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ClassifiedsPH Advanced Search Functionality Up!

We’ve listened to your requests, demands, and comments, and we know that it’s been a long time coming — We have finally put up an advanced search functionality at ClassifiedsPH for your convenience! The advanced search basically lets you search by keywords, category, subcategory, location, and/or date posted.

To use the advanced  search functionality, just click on the “Advanced Search” link below the Search button on the top bar, as shown here:

CPH Advanced Search

And here’s a peek at how the advanced search form looks like:

Advanced Search Form

We’ve endeavored to make the form as easy to use as possible but if you ever need any assistance, feel free to contact us via our ClassifiedsPH contact form.

Till next time!

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Bye bye P347,836903.20 :(

Yep you’re reading this right! The biggest pot in all of Philippine Lotto history has been taken by two people. One claims that she chose a passing car’s plate number to complete her combination. She’s now P173 million richer than she was last week and plans to spend this money on a house and lot and charities, and leave the rest in her savings.

This is one girl who doesn’t have to work a single day again… provided she knows how to handle her money. Congratulations! Now excuse me while I sulk just a bit more before I come to terms with the reality that I didn’t win. Hahaha :P

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Moved to a faster server!

If you have probably observed, we’ve improved the site’s loading time by moving to a more powerful and faster server. You should be able to browse through the listings much quicker.

We’ve also increased the number of characters you can put in your description, since we noticed a lot of ads are pretty long.

Finally, we’ve added this nifty feature that allows you to immediately view the ads you’ve posted as soon as you hit the “Post this Ad” button on the post ad form.

More improvements to come soon!

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